FORGOTTEN austrian Secret Improves your violin control 12-14X in three days

The END of having to practice anything for hours before playing... More instrument control, Better tone, and Better consistency... Faster than we ever thought possible.

A photo of Ethan, showing him sitting in a tree playing violin where most won't.

Ethan Norville

To The Serious Musician,

This unexpected little email message brought a load of excitement into my life about a year ago, and it might just do the same for you right now: 

"Ethan, I know you're the guy I can trust with this. I need to learn how to play three new songs for an event, but I only have four days to do it.

I know this is a crazy thing to ask. I've practiced everything I knew these last few months, but...

...Can you help me out here?"

When he needed to be able to play anything in FOUR DAYS...

This guy practiced often and worked hard, but for some reason, his skills didn't carry over in other pieces he had to play. He had to intensely practice everything beforehand, or he'd completely flop.

I saw myself in him too, always practicing industriously before an event to "polish" what I was going to play. I told him "I'll work with you and see how I can help", and so, I got to work...

I began battling my way through my library of Kreutzer exercises, my 4 to 5-figure collection of string technique manuals in attempts to find a perfect formula for this guy. However...

About 90% of the exercise methods and violin manuals I found were based on "traditional material", but it was clear as day:

"Traditional" was not going to work in this case — I mean we're talking about colossal, unheard of skill improvements that were natural and felt natural in just four days! Yet... 

Meet Ethan:

My name is Ethan Norville.

For those that don't know me, I'm a violinist, music instructor and producer. 

I've dedicated a large part of my life to learning how to express myself through music and help others become the best musicians possible too.

I've worked with musicians from all around the globe and impacted people in over 30 countries—passionate musicians like you, who will soon sound like a master too.

I remembered something that I had pieced together (during intense research) and once used, but forgotten years ago, because I thought other violinists would never accept something so unorthodox.

It was a special violin postural technique that was discovered around 300 years ago in the well known classical music center of Vienna, Austria.

The musicians there (the ones who knew the technique) used it to be able to go anywhere they wanted with their instrument and make music as if they were born doing it.

As enviable as their results were with that technique, there's a reason no one mentions it today.

It's not like other violin techniques.

(When I had first used it, I had used it to go from an unknown, struggling violinist to the third and first-placed violinist in my country's National String Festival)

I came first in violin in my country. You can, too, if you know how to.

It's like HACKING your body.

In fact, it was so envied that many teachers back then didn't even offer to teach it for money—or to their own students in some cases... and you could even open yourself up to injury if you used it incorrectly.

I decided I could use this Austrian technique secret safely to improve violin control, though.

I could replicate the same instrumental freedom...

And that would be the secret to gaining the skill and instrument control that'll make you sound like Maxim Vengerov overnight, right?

Sounds perfect—too bad it didn't work, though...

Repeated Instrument Control Failures... But One Step Closer

The first few four-day programs I designed for my guy didn't work as well as I wanted. I was, sadly, too late for him (however, he's DOMINATING events now...).

Don't take it the wrong way, though.

There were other musicians who saw very impressive results, but it wasn't enough for me to break the glass and sound the alarms.

Determined to still find something, I wrote an outline for a third violin method (frantically jotted into a journal before leaving home), but this time...

I changed the posturing variability, and edited the instrument holding to be even more "Vienna-like".

When the results from that started showing in the couple days, it was finally time to...

Pound the Alarm.

Just like the Austrian musicians of the past had found, this method—these small tweaks—when used CORRECTLY, worked like nothing else I have seen before!

One musician who was a "test subject" of mine said...

"It's Amazing... My violin and bow feel so much more effortless to use than they did a few days ago. I feel like I have so much more control."

I'll say it straight-up. I've discovered a "breakthrough switch".

It's unorthodox, rarely used, and removes nearly everything about the violin and viola that makes them "difficult instruments".

It's been tested multiple times, by multiple violinists at different skill levels, some even having their own person playing style already. In case after case, every single time without even one "failure",  this unusual but safe method:

  • Improved instrument control and sound quality by 12-14X IN JUST THREE DAYS... You'll sound like a professional, top-tier musician without having to rely on last-minute practice.
  • Permanently eliminated stage fright IN JUST THREE DAYS... You'll practically be unfazed by stage fright when your instrument becomes this easy for you.
  • Dramatically increased "skill consistency" IN JUST THREE DAYS... You'll be able to sound amazing any day—including performance days—and be able to replicate that anytime and anywhere.

Plus, this special method requires no gadgets to use on your violin, and uses a few "unusual technique tweaks" that most high-level teachers only give away in their most expensive masterclasses.

Oh, and here's the most exciting part about this method:

It did not matter...

  • What size violin the player used (yes, this works with wrong sized violins/violas).
  • Whether the player was totally new to the instrument or had years under their belt.
  • Whether they were left or right-handed.
  • If they had postural limitations or hardships (like severe scoliosis).
  • If traditional violin teaching didn't work for them.
  • If their fingers were shorter than usual.
  • If they were old or young.
  • If they already had a comfortable method for playing their violin or had their own "personal style" (actually, it's even better if you already do).
  • If they were naturally good with the instrument and never had many struggles with it.

Or, even if they had tried everything and were a bit too goofy the entire time.

Each player's instrument control and sound quality improved by about 12-14X in just days, and while it is very likely that you will experience the same result, you must understand...

This is not a magic-pill method that works with no effort on your end.

Musicians who are lazy and hate to practice (for at least 10 minutes, twice a day) will not be able to see amazing results from this method.

Musicians who are closed-minded and don't want to try anything new will also not benefit as much as their more open-minded, adventurous counterparts.

And musicians who do not believe that they can improve their instrument control by 12-14X in a few days will not get anywhere near the possible benefits either.

As a friend of mine tells his students: "If you don't believe in what you're doing, then you're not doing much at all, are you?"

Two Extremely Effective Keys behind
"the supreme string secrets"...

Extremely Effective Key #1: Ensuring Consistent Joint Mobility

After the first two violin methods I made didn't meet my standards, I was lost.

What was wrong with them—or missing from them? As it turned out, there were a few things. 

1. When anyone picks up an instrument like the violin for the first time, they usually find it unusually hard because it's new to them. Eventually, after learning the basic skills they need, they gradually develop some muscle memory.

Muscle memory is the ability to reproduce a movement or position without thinking about it (kind of like how you don't have to think about holding a pen correctly).

2. Once a basic level of muscle memory is acquired, the majority of the habits and tendencies you've had are also memorized. This applies to everything you do on a macro and micro level—the way you play your violin and move your bow, as well as smaller things like how you move your fingers and how stiff your joints get during playing. Many people need thousands of hours of practice to gain skill and slowly push back their muscle memory on memorized mistakes.

3. Most violin exercises and methods don't account for any of this—which results in you playing an instrument while your own muscle memory is actually working AGAINST you. So yeah, it's a fun little lesson but...

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because that muscle memory and its potential to hold you back is gravely important to playing your instrument effortlessly!

My first testing group spent far too much time using special new techniques and exercises...

I needed to design a method that quickly took care of the muscle memory issue and got straight into "unlocking" your joints for rapid skill improvements. The solution?

Making a large part of the method focus on keeping multiple joints as mobile as possible while playing by letting them move. Once I understood this, it changed the game.

This is exactly what you'll find when you see the Mobility Secret, the most effective violin-based mobility formula on the planet.

Extremely Effective Key #2: Variable Instrument Repositioning

The position of your violin/viola on your neck is a direct indicator of how comfortable you are with it (mostly because of the impact the angles between your arms, fingers, bow and violin all have on vibrato and your control over the instrument, as well as how fast your fingers can move). So... increase your instrument control by 12-14X, we need to significantly optimize the angles between your violin/viola and your body as fast as possible, and...

There's no quicker way to do that other than variable instrument repositioning. We deliberately roll back all the typical rules and take you back to the drawing board so you can find your optimal violin position for your body in the Supreme String Secrets.

The vast majority of our musicians felt an instant difference in their playing comfort. Some felt a noteworthy improvement in the following day or two. However, in the third to fourth days, they noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in the natural fluidity that they felt when playing.

Much to the surprise of our musicians, the days AFTER learning these secrets are when the major benefits surface, though it's not a surprise to us at all...

This is exactly how the musicians of Vienna and other parts of Austria did it, and it's how we can know we're doing it right, too.

(Most likely, this'll mean that you'll feel a "transition shock" when changing your position at first. No worries—that's what we want.

Over the next 24-48 hours, conflicts will be happening in your body as you've now introduced something completely new to yourself, and you will be replacing all the old, ineffective patterns in your muscle memory with all the new, revolutionary changes. Imagine how much of a game changer that'll be.)

How effortless do you want the violin to be for you in three days from Today?

A photo of a man playing an electric violin skillfully.

It doesn't matter what you've already tried, or if you're just not happy right now, the Supreme String Secrets will improve your instrument control by 12-14X over THREE SHORT DAYS, however...

It is definitely not for every musician. Not even close. 

The price of such a revolutionary change is not cheap.

In the Supreme String Secrets, you will practice twice a day, 15-20 minutes per session to apply them to your playing.

You will be required to give 100% of your effort every time you practice. Any practice session done under 100% will not make you any more comfortable or skillful with your instrument.

And you must be able to critique yourself whenever you practice.

If you can't do this, then the Supreme String Secrets are not the "miracle cure" for you that it's been for so many others. However, if you can, then...

In just three short days from today:

  • Your instrument control and sound will permanently be at higher levels than you ever thought possible..
  • Every bow-stroke you make and every note you create will be much easier and simply "feel different". Some beta testers described this feeling as "becoming built-in to them"...
  • Your fingers and arms will be far more efficient, and you'll have a far better understanding of how playing the violin works and how to make it easy...
  • Your vibrato will be far more powerful. It will allow you to sound like you've always imaged, but never could.
  • Your movements will be more fluid and graceful, like an amazing, professional violinist instead of a struggling musician that can't control their instrument...
  • You'll notice a dramatic increase in your tonal quality and playing speed. Every note, trill and chord will feel easier and natural, like you were born playing the violin and everyone else is trying to learn...
  • Your friends, parents, teachers and even music examiners will be blown away at how much control and skill you'll have. Trust me when I say...

They'll ask you detailed questions, ask you how often you practice, say "You sound amazing!" and some will even wonder if you have some special instrument tailor-made for you. Honestly...

...After seeing the results of some of the early Supreme String readers, I'm not sure there's really a difference.

"You've completely lost it!"

"I remember one day, I was at practice and having a hard time playing my instrument, until Ethan taught me something in my time of struggle that 100% improved my playing overall.  If anyone chooses not to check out this program, you've completely lost it!"

- Dan B. After only 2 days...


"The violin is soooo easy now! It's madness how fast it changed for me. I thought it takes years to get this good!"

- Julia C. After only 4 days...

But then, there's Victor, a violinist and violist who decided to log his daily progress after learning the Supreme String Secrets

Day 1: Almost everything I've known about playing the violin is pretty much turned on its head. Some things I knew before were reinforced, but generally everything feels so different. Feels like it takes less effort to do everything.

Day 2: I noticed a bigger difference today. Used to struggle with vibrato since I learned it, but it feels a lot easier to do right now.

Day 3: Playing the violin is far easier now. I've noticed that I hit notes faster, things like trills aren't a challenge anymore and I think my violin is a bit louder too.

Day 4: I can move my violin around on my neck in different situations and get different sounds, using "Flash Positioning". It's a weird skill, but it feels amazing to use, since I'm always comfortable and ready to take on any piece.

Day 5: I feel so much more comfortable playing the violin than I did five days ago. Just completely awesome. It's as if the results got better the longer I've been trying this. 

Don't you respect Victor's drive? But hey... did you notice that?

He doesn't seem as thrilled in the first few days as he does in the last 3-5.

Here's why:

I didn't tell him about the muscle memory and "transition shock" that he'll go through when he starts off with the secrets!

I figured he'd run into it early as usual, which was why his results started a bit slow. As usual...

I followed up with him to see how he was doing initially, and make sure things went smoothly with him.

Here's what he said:

"It felt different at first, but it was too good to pass up. I felt so much comfort and freedom with my instrument that it was unheard of. I could not pass that up. I'm loving the results."

And that is WHY and HOW the Supreme String Secrets works so quickly and so effectively. It even carries over onto the viola—and even the guitar—just as well.

You can use the supreme string secrets over and over again for years to come!

How many programs have you invested in that only work one time?

With the Supreme String Secrets, you can "re-learn" these secrets every 2-3 months and increase your comfort and freedom with your instrument 12-14X each and every time.

Just as it's helped other musicians, the Supreme String Secrets will pay you back in gold for your entire music-making life. Are you ready to command your instrument?


the Supreme String Secrets

Component 1: The Supreme String Secrets Program ($79 Value)

Laid out for you, step-by-step, movement-by-movement, this is the breakthrough training program based on a simple, but forgotten Austrian Secret that permanently reverses instrument struggles and increases your comfort and ability by 12-14X in just DAYS. The Supreme String Secrets is our premier training product for playing string instruments like an accomplished master.

Inside, you'll find breakthrough methods, exercises and examples that professionals all over the world have used to boost their playing—as well as exercises that players unconsciously use when they're becoming masters. I'm aware my reputation is based on YOUR RESULTS, and as many of my thousands of customers worldwide will tell you, I take that very seriously. Includes dedicated 24-hour customer support.

Component 2: The Secrets Analyzed Video Series ($29 Value)

Video Demonstrations where you get to see the "Supreme String Secrets" in action. It's very likely that you've never noticed violinists using these techniques before, so these videos may come in very handy for you (and if you're totally new to all this, these videos will take you by the hand and guide you along from the beginning).

Component 3: The Virtuoso Chronicles Audio Series ($49 Value)

An always-updating database of interviews we have with multiple violinists from around the globe. Here, you'll find other musicians like yourself who give the knowledge that they acquired over the years while you take it all in and skyrocket your skills faster than ever before.

The Supreme String Secrets will be retailed for much, much more in the near future, but to celebrate the launch right now, we've made it extra affordable for you to start right now!

To increase your comfort and skill by 12-14X in just DAYS with the Supreme String Secrets, the cost is just a single, one-time discounted payment of $47.

The Supreme String Secrets revamps your skills in 5 major modules:

Module 1: Finger Control and Aim

In Module 1, we cover controlling your fingers. This is essential to everything to do with the violin and viola, as they will be doing most of the work when it comes to changing notes, allowing you to play slower or faster, and they even play a big role in picking up the instrument.

You'll discover:

  • Why finger positioning is important
  • How to control them more
  • Where to position them for maximum speed and control

Module 2: Finding your ideal posture and instrument hold

In Module 2, we overhaul the typical idea of what violin/viola posture is supposed to be. It will give you the knowledge necessary to determine exactly how you should be holding your instrument to feel like it's a part of your own body and make playing effortless. Many struggles or difficulties you may have in playing will start to be corrected here.

You'll discover:

  • The myths of typical instrument posture and how they work against you
  • The main types of instrument holds and how they help you play your instrument effortlessly
  • How to choose and tweak them to work with your own body and style to always have immense playing confidence and skill

Module 3: Optimizing Body-Instrument Contact

Module 3 is the module when we build on the ideal posture and make it bulletproof. We cover additional tweaks in posture that'll help you feel even more free and make it easy for you to place your instrument anywhere, without neck pain and while decreasing your risk of injuries.

You'll discover:

  • What factors can influence the way you hold your violin/viola
  • How you should change your instrument posture based on the shape of your body or length of your neck
  • How to experiment with different variables in your posture

Module 4: Optimizing Bow Arm Positioning

Module 4 is where we tackle a very underrated part of the violinist's body—the shoulder—and how it interacts with the bowing arm. If you've ever heard someone who's never touched a string instrument try to play one, you've probably heard a screeching noise (sadly, people in the audience have heard that with me on stage in the past). Half of the battle against scratching noises on violins/violas is in the bowing arm, and the shoulder has a big role to play. 

You'll discover:

  • The benefits and importance of controlling your shoulder while moving your bow
  • How to move your shoulder to achieve a smooth, sweet tone in nearly any situation
  • When you should absolutely avoid moving your shoulder at all costs

Module 5: Hand-to-neck contact

Module 5 is all about how you contact the instrument's neck with your hand. This is one of the secrets that'll allow you to slide into different hand positions on the fingerboard and dominate higher notes while maintaining confident control of lower ones—all with amazing tonal clarity.

You'll discover:

  • The benefits of having good hand-to-neck contact and how to use those benefits in your playing
  • How to never do work to hit a note again
  • How to be more flexible in your violin posture from having optimal hand-to-neck contact

"Never knew doing things differently would work"

"I was always pretty strict about how my posture and everything when I play. When I heard Ethan teaching it differently, I was skeptical, but soon I couldn't believe that doing things differently would work."

-Victor N. (Violinist)

"Makes playing WAY easier"

"It just makes playing WAY easier! It's crazy how my violin teacher didn't know anything about these secrets herself. "

- Jae C. (Violinist)

"Everything is solid..."

"Everything he says is on point and solid. Everything. I'm honestly surprised I didn't find anything that didn't deliver."

- Jason S. (Violist)

"But what if it doesn't work for me?"

Then It’s ALL FREE.

I'll be honest: I have yet to see a musician go through Supreme String Secrets and not experience mind-blowing results.

But I understand you might still be skeptical, so I want to do everything I can to make this an easy, risk-free decision for you.

For that exact reason, here's what I'm going to do for you: for each and every customer who orders, I'm going to extend my famous
60-DAY 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you follow the Supreme String Secrets exactly as outlined in the materials, and do NOT experience any improvement in your instrument's ease of use and your skill, just contact my 24-hour Help Desk and we'll refund your money. It's that simple.

We stand behind our product as the fastest-working violin skill program ever created (if not, one of them), and if it doesn't yield those results for you when followed, we'll happily refund you every cent.

Skyrocket Your Instrument control by 12-14X in just three days—At no risk

Near-Natural instrument control is something that people watch in awe at, but barely ever talk about... Why?

Because they think it just "comes" with practice.

"Just keep practicing and eventually...someday... playing your instrument will start to feel natural to you", they believe.

But you don't have to go on like that now, do you?

You know better!

Maxim Vengerov is known for his ability to "command" his instrument as if it just bends to his will...

A simple glance at other musicians—or even entire different instruments shows that they all possess the same foundational ability to make their instrument do what they want it to.

Have a music exam approaching?

A teacher you want to blow away?

A big concert on schedule?

An event coming up where you know you'll be asked to play?

A showcase where you're going to have to play something you haven't practiced?

Perfect. It's exactly for those situations that the Supreme String Secrets were compiled and created... And with your crowd-surprising results, the Supreme String Secrets will be your treasured secret weapon for the rest of your string-playing life.

I can't wait to hear about the revolutionary results you've experienced just 3 days from now…​

Here's to those innovative musicians from Austria and all around the world, I sincerely thank them for their incredible contributions to the music world today.


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Experience Your Mastery Now...

Because what's the alternative?

The Supreme String Secrets is the culmination of years of research, experience and testing string playing with students and other teachers. Many violinists and violists around the world are going through their lives without experiencing true freedom with their instruments—and maybe some of them never will. However, today marks your day to take responsibility to give yourself a chance to learn the most effective instrument handling methods that simply work.

If you were to seek other traditional methods of learning or perfecting your skills, you could easily spend hundreds—if not thousands of dollars in fees. What's even more unfortunate is that you'd be climbing the mountain at the normal pace, just inching forward every day (and that's if you have a good teacher). Since the Supreme String Secrets is a portable home training program, the cost can be far less than traditional programs. Using the Supreme String Secrets is a remarkable way to get the superior benefits of my unique findings at a far lower cost.

You've been missing out on true freedom with your instrument for far too long. It's time for you to step up and claim it.


Summary of What You’ll Get...

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    Multiple Digital Product Formats
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    Constantly Updated Products
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    Easy-to-Learn Guidelines
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    Unconditional 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

All these now for just:

$147    $47   

Starting at $47 for instant access—that's the lowest price you'll find for a complete program giving you the most effective information to start mastering your instrument. Let's get you to mastery.


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60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're completely dissatisfied, if you see no results from this product, and feel it hasn't helped you in any way, just send us an email and we'll happily refund you every cent.

"A money-back guarantee is the least I can do for anyone that believes that my product can get them results. Since I believe that too, there's no way I can't offer one."


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can the Supreme String Secrets help me If i'm a total beginner?

How ​​is the Supreme String Secrets better than other string and violin/viola programs?

Will the Supreme String Secrets help me improve my violin or viola playing?

​I've tried other programs that promised to improve my playing skill on my string instruments and I haven't gotten results. Why should I trust this one?

​What's the best way to use this program to get the best results in how I play?

​What if I have a question that isn't here?

Music is the universal language. Speaking it should be just as easy as understanding it!

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